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Plan NumberPlan TypeProject NameAreaCurrent StagePendingProject DoxLead ReviewerProposed DUApproved DUProposed SQFTApproved SQFT
11984004APrelim Plan 7500 Old Georgetown Ro1Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 0000
11984196APrelim Plan Fulks Property3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesRyan Sigworth0000
11984280APrelim Plan Montrose Industrial Pa2Waiting for DRC meetingPendingNo 0030000
11987190BPrelim Plan City Place1Waiting for DecisionPendingYes 0000
11987244APrelim Plan Ottinger Property1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesMarco Fuster1000
11988156BPrelim Plan Cloverleaf Center Germ3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesRyan Sigworth0000
11992004APrelim Plan Denit Property Parcel 3Waiting for DecisionPendingNoKatherine Holt91000
11993011APrelim Plan Mary J Boland Subdivis3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJonathan Casey8140000
11996071EPrelim Plan Fairhill-Lot 463Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 0000
11997040APrelim Plan Barnard Property3Waiting for AcceptancePrePendingYes 11000
11998015BPrelim Plan Norwood School3Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingNo 0000
11998092CPrelim Plan Rock Spring Centre2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesEMILY TETTELBAUM0000
12000049APrelim Plan Salt & Vine3Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 0000
12002020DPrelim Plan Chevy Chase Lake - Blo1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesGrace Bogdan53401077040
12002079BPrelim Plan Rochambeau - The Frenc1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesMarco Fuster002759260
12003092CPrelim Plan Sandy Spring Friends S3Waiting for DRC meetingPendingNoMary Jo Kishter00137000
12004026APrelim Plan Kinzie Property3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesDoug Johnsen4000
12004091APrelim Plan Cobblers Knoll3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesDoug Johnsen2000
12005003APrelim Plan LINTHICUM WEST3Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 0000
12005018CPrelim Plan Westfield Montgomery M2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesTroy Leftwich71702071960
12005054APrelim Plan National Park Seminary1Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 0000
12006102APrelim Plan Rosewood Manor Estates3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJonathan Casey2000
12006118APrelim Plan Seneca Springs (Stern 3Waiting for DRC ResponsePendingNoJoshua Penn11000
12009011BPrelim Plan Barnesville Oak Farm3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJoshua Penn24000
12009038APrelim Plan Metro Plaza - Silver S1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesKathy Reilly5520142060
12010031APrelim Plan Mess Property3Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 0000
120110280Prelim Plan 6413 Orchard Avenue1Waiting for DRC ResponsePendingNoMarco Fuster0079560
12012008FPrelim Plan Shady Grove Station2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesParker Smith0072680
12013002APrelim Plan Urby Silver Spring1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesKatie Mencarini788000
12013016APrelim Plan Pleasant Grove Communi3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJonathan Casey0010
12014012APrelim Plan Spring Arbor – Olney3Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 0000
12015001APrelim Plan Gables White Flint2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesParker Smith00310000
120150100Prelim Plan White Oak Town Center2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesEMILY TETTELBAUM2890650000
120150190Prelim Plan Magruders Pasture3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJonathan Casey3000
12016022APrelim Plan 8015 Old Georgetown Ro1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesGrace Bogdan300000
12016038APrelim Plan 7272 Wisconsin Avenue1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesMatthew Folden39903753720
12017017APrelim Plan Westwood Shopping Cent1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesMatthew Folden30303793680
12017021APrelim Plan Chestnut Ridge3Waiting for DRC meetingPendingYes 00989550
12017021BPrelim Plan Liberty Mill Road3Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 0000
120180090Prelim Plan Long Branch Corner1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesMatthew Folden00106070
120190010Prelim Plan Reddemeade3Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 7120000
120190030Prelim Plan Parkridge2Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 0051420
120190070Prelim Plan 6000 Executive Bouleva2Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 36503149410
120190080Prelim Plan Lauraner Knowles Estat2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesAmy Lindsey19000
120190100Prelim Plan Mont.Co. Humane Societ2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesAmy Lindsey00130000
120190110Prelim Plan Greenskeeper Landscapi3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesRyan Sigworth0000
120190130Prelim Plan 8800 Brookville Road1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesElza Hisel-McCoy00205250
120190150Prelim Plan Takoma Junction1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesElza Hisel-McCoy00407610
120190170Prelim Plan Key Bridge Subdivision2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesAmy Lindsey6000
12019018APrelim Plan Strathmore Square2Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 221802715000
120190210Prelim Plan Kings Crossing3Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 10000
120190220Prelim Plan Hillandale Gateway2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesEMILY TETTELBAUM4630719360
120200010Prelim Plan 809 Easley Street1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesKatie Mencarini0037480
120200030Prelim Plan Addition To Rays Adven3Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 0000
120200050Prelim Plan Creekside at Cabin Bra3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJonathan Casey0000
120200080Prelim Plan Mar Thoma Church of Gr3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesRyan Sigworth0000
120200100Prelim Plan PSTA Site2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesTamika Graham645019400
120200110Prelim Plan Ashford Woods3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesAngelica Gonzalez364000
120200130Prelim Plan Kaiser Permanente Aspe2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesParker Smith0000
120200140Prelim Plan Wilgus2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesTamika Graham74505662800
120200150Prelim Plan Radwick Lane Property2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesParker Smith0000
120200160Prelim Plan The Residences at Know2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesTamika Graham0000
120200170Prelim Plan College View Campus3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJonathan Casey1370501630
120200180Prelim Plan Kilmain ETC (Parcel P43Waiting for AcceptancePrePendingYes 9000
120200190Prelim Plan Seneca Park North3Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 0000
120200200Prelim Plan Iglesia De Cristo Mi E3Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 0000
120200220Prelim Plan The Avondale1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesMatthew Folden0000
120200230Prelim Plan Snowdens Manor3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesAngelica Gonzalez0054000