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Plan NumberPlan TypeProject NameAreaCurrent StagePendingProject DoxLead ReviewerProposed DUApproved DUProposed SQFTApproved SQFT
11983015BPrelim Plan Artery Plaza1Waiting for AcceptancePrePendingYes 005946110
11985027APrelim Plan Montgomery Auto Sales 3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesMichael Garcia001550000
11992004APrelim Plan Denit Property Parcel 3Waiting for DecisionPendingNoKatherine Holt91000
11993043CPrelim Plan Piney Spring3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJonathan Casey21000
11993048BPrelim Plan Gate of Heaven Cemeter2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesAmy Lindsey0000
12000087BPrelim Plan Montgomery County Conf2Waiting for AcceptancePrePendingYes 003275300
12004042APrelim Plan The Quarry3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesBenjamin Berbert44000
12004049BPrelim Plan North Bethesda Town Ce2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesR HerssonRingskog1350014300370
12004088APrelim Plan Boyds Highlands - Lots3Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 1000
12006118APrelim Plan Seneca Springs (Stern 3Waiting for DRC ResponsePendingNoJoshua Penn11000
12006123APrelim Plan Butz Property3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesStephen Peck45000
12007065BPrelim Plan Topgolf - Germantown (3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesBenjamin Berbert00642320
12008003CPrelim Plan Bullis School3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJoshua Penn003235440
12009011APrelim Plan Greentree Farm3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJoshua Penn21000
12009030APrelim Plan Boyds Highlands - Lots3Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 2000
12009038APrelim Plan Metro Plaza - Silver S1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesKathy Reilly5520142060
120110280Prelim Plan 6413 Orchard Avenue1Waiting for DRC ResponsePendingNoMarco Fuster0079560
120120010Prelim Plan Ridgeview3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesMarybeth OQuinn19000
12012008DPrelim Plan Shady Grove Station2Waiting for AcceptancePrePendingYes 22100924370
120140050Prelim Plan Clarksburg Childcare C3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJonathan Casey0039300
12015003APrelim Plan Elizabeth Square1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesStephanie Dickel1184060320
12015003BPrelim Plan Elizabeth Square1Waiting for AcceptancePrePendingYes 906060320
120150040Prelim Plan Offutt Estates2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesPatrick Butler6000
120150080Prelim Plan Goldsboro Place1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesMarco Fuster19000
120150100Prelim Plan White Oak Town Center2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesLori Shirley2890650000
120150110Prelim Plan Hannibal Farms3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesBenjamin Berbert5000
120150120Prelim Plan 19201 Chandlee Mill Ro3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJoshua Penn3000
120150190Prelim Plan Magruders Pasture3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJonathan Casey3000
120150210Prelim Plan Akbari Residence3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJonathan Casey1000
120160170Prelim Plan Nucci Property1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesNeil Braunstein5000
120160180Prelim Plan Glen Mill - Parcel 8333Waiting for DecisionPendingYesRyan Sigworth2000
120160210Prelim Plan Cashell Estates3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJonathan Casey19000
120160290Prelim Plan WMAL Bethesda2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesPatrick Butler328000
120160330Prelim Plan Wright Property2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesTroy Leftwich6000
120160360Prelim Plan Manfield Property1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesKathy Reilly2000
120170020Prelim Plan Rickman Property3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesBenjamin Berbert00945000
120170030Prelim Plan Parkview at Aspen Hill2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesEMILY TETTELBAUM121065000
12017004APrelim Plan 8600 Georgia Avenue1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesStephanie Dickel001516460
120170070Prelim Plan 8912 Liberty Lane3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesRyan Sigworth2000
120170080Prelim Plan Willow Manor at Fairla3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesRyan Sigworth12101095580
120170090Prelim Plan Justement Woods3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesRyan Sigworth1000
120170120Prelim Plan Ethan Jackson Property1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesNeil Braunstein2000
120170130Prelim Plan Hanson Farm3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesBenjamin Berbert187000
120170140Prelim Plan Rothbard Property3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesBenjamin Berbert1000
120170150Prelim Plan Bloom MV2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesTroy Leftwich488000
120170160Prelim Plan Priddy Property3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesRyan Sigworth8000
120170170Prelim Plan Westwood Shopping Cent1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesNeil Braunstein108505100000
120170180Prelim Plan Hayes1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesMatthew Folden5000
120170190Prelim Plan Olney Jiffy Lube3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJonathan Casey0022000
120170200Prelim Plan Victory Haven3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesBenjamin Berbert72051000
120170210Prelim Plan Chestnut Ridge/Arden C3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesCalvin Nelson10640
120170220Prelim Plan Son of David3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJonathan Casey0000
120170230Prelim Plan Oak Drive1Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 0000
120170240Prelim Plan Seneca Farms3Waiting for DRC meetingPendingYesJonathan Casey27000
120170250Prelim Plan The Claiborne1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesMatthew Folden58028000
120170260Prelim Plan Brooke Grove ETC (Parc3Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 0000
120170270Prelim Plan Brightview Grosvenor2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesR HerssonRingskog0010
120170280Prelim Plan Westbard Self Storage1Waiting for DRC meetingPendingYes 001070300
120170290Prelim Plan Old Angler's Cove3Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 4000